How can I restore a dry cigar?

The most important thing to remember is that restoring a dried cigar takes time; lots of time and patience so don’t be in a hurry to get it done.

First take your cigars and put them in a non-humidified humidor, it you do not have this, you can use a zip top bag with some holes poked in it. Your goal is to bring the cigars to a steady humidity level that is much lower than 70%. You must keep the cigars in this steady environment for about 2-3 days.

Then take a fresh clean sponge and get it damp with distilled water. Place it inside the zip-top bag and allow it to sit there, not touching the cigars, for at least one more week. This will slowly add humidity to the cigars at a rate that will prevent the wrapper from bursting.

After two weeks your cigars should start to look better; put them in your charged, maintained Hfbarcelona humidor but don’t smoke them yet! Let them inside the humidor for around one or two more months, just to make sure that they come back to normal.

What humidor do I buy?

For the most part, the choices come down to personal preferences. Nevertheless, there are some things that you should keep in mind before choosing your humidor:

  1. How many cigars you want to be able to store?
  2. What do I want my humidor for? Traveling? Office? Special room?

These two questions will help you narrow down your choices. After that I comes down to aesthetic preferences. You are going to be looking at this box every day so choose one your like the look of!?

Why 70/70?

70ºF (21,1ºC) and 70% humidity is a close approximation of the weather in cigar producing countries like Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, etc. At that temperature and humidity, the oils of the cigars tend not to evaporate and suppress the hatching of the tobacco bug.

Why isn’t my humidor maintaining the proper humidity?

The most common reason for humidors not maintaining humidity is that they were never humidified before the initial use. It is really important that you take time and effort to humidify your humidor prior to loading it up with cigars.

Make sure that you are closing properly the humidor, if not, the humidity can escape or enter the humidor.

Make sure that you’re not opening and closing the humidor lid too often. Every time you open the lid of your humidor you are allowing humidity to either enter or escape.

Also check if your humidor is placed near a heat or cold source, which will affect the humidity.

If the humidor has been recently moved, the hygrometer might need some time to come up to equilibrium.

Where can I buy Propylene Glycol?

PG is available, though often only by special order from any full-service, in Pharmacies.

How long can I store premium cigars in my humidor?

Under the right conditions of temperature and humidity and not too many openings of the cigar humidor, you should be able to store your premium cigars in your humidor for a long time. In fact, aging premium cigar bands under proper conditions can really enhance the flavor and smokability. But this does not mean you can keep premium cigars in your humidor for years. Eventually, every cigar will lose its flavor. How long this takes is different with each premium cigar.

How do I deal with low or high humidity inside the humidor?

If your premium cigars are too dry inside your cigar humidor, add more water to the humidifier. If your premium cigar bands are too wet inside the humidor, open the lid for a while and let it dry out.