Care & Maintenance

Proper care of your humidor will help to give you years of smoking pleasure. The following are basic guidelines for humidor care.


To avoid scratching, always use a microfiber cloth which is clean and free of any particles when cleaning your humidor. Failing to do so can cause scratches and even contaminate the wood or the contents of the humidor. Do not use any cleaners or chemicals on the inside of the humidor because tobacco absorbs most odors and chemicals naturally. This can tarnish and damage the quality, taste, and smell of your cigars and tobacco.Use your own discretion on the outside of your humidor when it comes to cleaning.

Where to place the humidor

Place the humidor on a flat stable surface where it will not be unreasonably bumped or disturbed.Store your humidor in a cool, dry place to prevent mold growth. Avoid placing your humidor in direct sunlight. If the temperature and humidity get too high, cigars can develop a potentially damaging fungus or mold or a tobacco beetle infestation. When placing cigars in the humidor, make sure the cigars do not block the humidifier’s vents.

Regular checks

Make sure that you check the humidity level at least every two weeks to ensure that the humidity does not vary. As a rule, when humidity drops to 65% you should add more PG solution or distilled water to the humidifier. You should never use tap water as it contains minerals and chlorine that can clog the humidifier’s pores and inhibit operation. Add a few drops of PG solution or distilled water to the humidifier until it is well saturated. Dry off the surface of the humidifier and make sure that it does not drip water.